Interior Refurbishment


A comfortable and relaxing aircraft interior is more than a luxury; it is a necessity.

At Ranger Aviation, our skilled craftsmen take leather, wool, and carpeting and transform it into an aircraft interior masterpiece.

Ranger Aviation has been a trusted name in aircraft interior refurbishing for years. Companies like Raytheon Aerospace have relied on us for the interior refurbishing of U.S. Customs Service Cessna Citation II aircraft.

We are also a major supplier of interior components to the U.S. Air Force C21A program. We have refurbished interiors on all types of aircraft from King Airs to Gulfstreams.

We begin with a complete inspection of the aircraft’s interior. Our interior technicians completely remove all interior components and thoroughly inspect not only the seating and panels but the entire interior of the airframe. Seat belts, straps, and harnesses are re-webbed and tested to meet TSO certification. The seating, side panels, and interior components are re-upholstered according to customer specifications using the finest available materials that have been tested to meet the appropriate FAA-required certification.

Components are repaired as needed, and all moving parts are checked and lubricated before re-assembly. If the cabinetry surfaces are in disrepair, they can be re-laminated or have real wood veneers with high gloss finishes applied by our skilled professionals.

The beauty and quality of a Ranger Aviation interior are more than skin deep. You can be confident knowing that our rigorous inspection, top-grade materials, and old-world craftsmanship will produce an interior that is not only a work of art but one that will last for years to come.

We invite you to visit our facility or to let us present you with a quotation. For more information, call John Fields at 800-326-5758 or use ourĀ online quote request.