Aircraft Refinishing


Some say beauty is more than skin deep and at Ranger Aviation, we can’t agree more. Here’s a quick rundown of our process for leaving your plane with a deep glossy new finish and looking its very best!


        • Detailed inspection of the exterior
        • Additional areas noted for attention
        • Aircraft carefully masked
        • We use Methylene Chloride free paint remover
        • The aircraft is inspected again with emphasis on corrosion control
        • Aircraft is alkaline washed
        • Acid brightener used to deep clean the aluminum surfaces
        • Alodine treatment is applied to aid defense against corrosion while also providing an excellent bonding surface for primers.
        • Aircraft moved to one of four DeVilbiss paint booths
        • The aircraft is cleaned and masked again
        • Primer is prepared and inspected
        • Corrosion inhibiting epoxy primer applied
        • Application of second high build primer (optional), sanded smooth to hide rivet dimples and seam lines
        • Base color sprayed onto aircraft

As a part of every paint job, the paint scheme and striping colors are designed using the latest in computer software. We can customize the design and colors to fit any application, and we use this same software for applying “N” numbers or custom graphics. Next in the process, before detailing the new paint job:

    • Maintenance crews balance and install flight controls
    • Items removed for paint are installed
    • Final maintenance inspection to ensure all reinstalled components are completed in an airworthy manner
    • Exterior paint surface detailed
    • Installation of required placards
    • Brightwork polished to a deep shine
    • De-ice boots sealed and dressed
    • All windows edge sealed and lightly polished
    • Final paint inspection performed

When all points pass the inspection, the aircraft is ready for delivery!

So, is beauty more than skin deep? If it’s a new aircraft paint job by Ranger Aviation, it certainly is! For a quote on your next refinishing project, contact John Fields at 800-326-5758 or use our online quote request.